Our Approach

We enjoy raising beef! We provide the cattle with everything they need for a healthy and stress-free life. Our herd ranges over 250 acres of certified organic pasture.  Our goal is to provide a product that you can't get at your local supermarket.

Our Story

Our family homesteaded in Emery County over a hundred years ago. The original house and fields are still owned and farmed by David's son Keith. Raising cattle is a large part of our heritage.

Over the years not all of the family stayed in cattle ranching as a sole means of income.

About 25 years ago David purchased the farm from Reed Larson. David decided to make the farm certified organic and use it as a model farm for our other passion mining organic fertilizers, and animal feed supplements.

Being the first certified organic beef operation in the state, David's farm was mentioned in an article in Salt Lake Tribune.  Many people learned about the organic beef and he began selling more beef direct to homeowners.  Slowly the farm has grown to the operation that it is today.

Next Steps...

Want to know about ordering beef for your freezer? We are here to help answer all of your questions.