Below are a few articles that mention our farm plus some useful info and recipes we think are worth sharing.

Published articles that mention our farm

Organic Cowpokes

Pig out Organically

I Heart Meat

Utah's eat-local movement transforming u-pick

Articles about organic and natural beef

Better Beef Guide

Pasture Perfect

Food safety

This is a really good article about beef.

USDA Beef from Farm to Table


This marinade recipe is for flank steaks, but I have used for a lot of other cuts like round steak! 

Have you ever wondered how to cook beef tongue? Here is an excellent tongue taco recipe.

Another family favorite that we make and freeze is this meatball recipe.  One substitution is to just make it with 1 lb beef and 1 lb ground pork. 

One kitchen item that makes a big difference on some of your marinade type steaks is a Jaccard meat tenderizer.